Terracotta Roof Restorations Melbourne

Terracotta Roof Restorations Melbourne 2

Terracotta Roof Restorations Melbourne

Terracotta Roof Restorations Melbourne

Terracotta tiles have been used as a reliable method of roof construction for hundreds of years. One of the earlier examples of fired terracotta roof tiles dates back to 650 AD where the Greeks made the switch from thatched roofs. What does this mean for your suburban Melbourne home? With proper maintenance and care, your Terracotta tiles will last!

With the buildup of moss, lichen and pollution over decades, terracotta tiles can lose their visual appeal. A full terracotta roof restorations Melbourne by Casey Roof Care will restore your terracotta tiles to their former glory.

Issues with bedding and sometimes pointing are also very common with terracotta roofs. Back in the day, roofers would use a strong mix of sand, cement and aggregate – this bedding formula would last decades. Some roofs we work on still have this 40 year old bedding that has only recently failed in the past five years or so.

Recently restored terracotta roofs are also failing. This is due mostly to a weak and very basic mixture of sand and cement together with a poorly applied pointing compound. We have written articles on all of these topics which discuss these issues in depth. We strongly invite you to read and understand these issues so when you are quoted on your Terracotta roof restorations Melbourne you can gauge what services a contractor is going to provide for the money you are paying. Simply visit the articles section of the website for more information.

A question we are asked all the time is can you paint or ‘seal’ a Terracotta Roof? The answer is no. Why? You have two types of Terracotta tiles, glazed and non-glazed. On a non-glazed tile, think of how you apply paint to any piece of terracotta; it is baked on. With a glazed tile, consider painting glass, same thing not going to work. It may for a few years but will eventually peel making the roof look like a mess. Your only option then, cosmetically, is a re roof. Some small time operates put a tint through a clear coat of primer, looks great initially until the primer starts to peel then you’re in trouble. We’ve had a discussion on this in our articles sections, but please listen to us, do not paint or seal your Terracotta Roof.

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Quality Labor and Materials

Quality Labor and Materials

A Terracotta Roof Restorations Melbourne by Casey Roof Care starts with creating a safe work environment for us to carry out your roof repairs. Most of the time this involves installing hand safely rails around the perimeter of your roof, but we may also use ground based scaffolding. This not only protects us from hazardous falls, but it is also required by law. Where the situation makes the installation of hand safely rails impracticable, we work with full body harnesses under a strict Safe Work Method Statement as to how the work will be performed safely.


Once we have made the working environment safe, we begin by removing the old bedding, replacing old flashing’s and valley metals before re laying the new bedding. We use our own custom blend of sand, cement, aggregate together with a concrete plasticiser, similar (but stronger) to how they made it decades ago. You can read more on how and why we do this in the articles section on our website. As this is done via buckets one at a time up and down a ladder, you could understand just how much work is involved here.

Once all the new bedding is laid and all broken tiles replaced we can begin the high pressure cleaning procedure to remove dirt, moss and lichen from the tiles. Care must be taken when high pressure washing Terracotta roofs. We use a 15hp motor pumping 4400psi through a turbo head. Due to the nature of Terracotta tiles, some small amounts of water entering is unavoidable. While we have never had a stain develop on a customers ceiling before, we have also declined the invitation to pressure clean some Terracotta roofs. We need to perform an inspection of your roof to determine if pressure cleaning is possible. The main questions are what type of terracotta tile do you have and is the roof sarked?

To finish it off we use a cyclone rated pointing compound applied by a highly experienced and knowledgeable tradesmen who will ensure it’s correct application.

Our focus is on providing a quality product with a high level of customer engagement. We are not interested in taking on these types of jobs where an investor is looking to flip the house and wants a quick fix. We take pride in our work and always do a very thorough job to the highest standard possible.

To find our more simply hit the contact us page and complete the form. Alternatively give Adam a call on 0487 472 511 for a friendly and informal chat.

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Our focus in on quality, reliability, safety and customer satisfaction. You will find our team of roofing professionals courteous, dependable and approachable.

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