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Roof Restoration Melbourne

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Roof Restoration Melbourne

Roof Restoration Melbourne

Professional, Reliable And Affordable Roof Restoration Melbourne

If you are reading this page, we understand you and those tons of confusing, overwhelming and disappointing thoughts swirling in your mind. You know you’re in need of a reliable roof restoration service when your roof begins to crack, age and leak.

It doesn’t matter how great your property is, a tired looking roof can destroy the impression it is supposed to give. Whether you are just worrying about that roof over your head, or you are someone trying to fix those roof problems, we are here to do the heavy-lifting for you.

Melbourne Roof Restoration Services At Your Fingertips!

At Casey Roof Care, we can handle all your restoration needs for your concrete and terracotta tile roofs. We have decades of experience dealing with any kind of roof restoration project in Melbourne, regardless of the extent of damage it has endured. Our roof restoration services cover Terracotta and Tile Roof Restorations Melbourne, Colorbond Roof Restorations and Commercial Roof Restorations (including painting and general maintenance).

Before offering our services, we take time to understand your issues, and explain all the solutions in detail. We do not believe in offering a “one shoe fits all” approach; we offer personalised services.

Struggling with bedding and pointing issues?

If you are living in Melbourne, you already know that bedding and pointing issues are really common. A lot of homeowners have been wasting too much time and money on fixing these issues, and usually end up with same issues over and over again. We are visiting newly built homes that have bedding and pointing problems, and our experts have figured out the real reasons for these issues, and how to address them for the long term. Our knowledgeable experts provide unique roof repairing services that last, offering you a complete peace of mind.

Is Roof Painting A Reliable Solution?

We know many contractors promote “Roof Seal” services as a standalone roof restoration service in Melbourne. Let us spill the beans by informing you that this expensive procedure will not necessarily increase the life expectancy of your roofing system. Yes, your roof may look aesthetically pleasing, but you will not be able to get rid of your issues by simply having it painted.

So if you are looking for our Concrete Tile Roof Restoration Melbourne, we would love to lend a helping hand.

Unbeatable Quality!

Our ultimate objective is absolute customer satisfaction. We will work to give you the best quality roofing outcome according to your specific requirements, complete with a pre inspection and an obligation free quote. We will also give professional advice about the best roof restoration options that your roof needs such that it stays within your budget. We are never satisfied with our success in the roof restoration business. This is why we at Casey Roof Care conduct extensive research to figure out a way to deliver even better and more sustainable solutions to our clients. We understand that your roof has aesthetic and functional value which is why our works are guaranteed to give you peace of mind and confidence in the integrity of the roof above your head.

Don’t just have to take our word for it; check out our projects section or read what our customers are saying about us. You can also browse through our Facebook page to see some of our completed projects.

Want discuss your requirements? Have any question about our services? Please reach out to Adam directly on (03) 9028 8795 or 0487 472 511 or fill out our customer inquiry form and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Tile Roof Restoration Melbourne

Tile Roof Restoration Melbourne

Tile Roof Restoration Melbourne

People usually want to know right off the bat how much a tile roof restoration project will cost, and what services they would be getting with the package. But there is no single answer to this question. Everyone is different and every situation is unique, and the final cost depends on a lot of factors.

Our roofing inspection service will give us more insight into these factors.

Let’s do a quick Q/A session:

What type of roof tile do you have?

We need to understand the structural characteristics of the material. If it is of the brittle persuasion, your restoration options may be limited. We will need to understand the exact situation of things to ascertain the particular roofing elements that need to be repaired or replaced.

Are you having bedding and pointing issues?

We pay special attention to pointing and bedding problems, as it is one of the most common tile roofing restoration issues we have encountered. It also tends to make up a huge percentage of the restoration quote. We also examine other factors such as the integrity of all the metal elements on the roof: everything from valley irons to flashings to other roof penetrating elements. Other roof constituents include the roof trusses, condition of the battens etc.

Do you also need painting services?

Painting doesn’t necessarily improve the lifespan of your roof, but it does have some aesthetic value as it can help to improve the general outlook of your home and increase its market value.

We always adhere strictly to legal requirements for building projects by installing a hand safety railing or scaffolding around the roof’s perimeter, or at least sufficient enough to cover the portions that require work. This is why we have never recorded any safety incident in the process of any restoration project.

Replacing broken tiles, addressing material issues followed by stripping then re bedding the roof is always the first step. After making certain that there is no water leakage through the roof, we proceed to get rid of all debris and pollution, such as moss and lichen by water blasting the roof tiles with water under high pressure. Once the high pressure cleaning is complete, we can then re point the roof

After we have checked to make sure that everything is in top shape, we commence painting. The difficulty, extent, size and location of the project will be taken into consideration when giving you a quote.

We are available round the clock to address your enquiries. Please call Adam on 0487472511 or complete our customer enquiry form, and we will respond as soon as possible.


Why Choose Us?

We care! Your satisfaction is our first priority, and we go above and beyond to meet (and even exceed) your expectations. We offer quality service, safety and absolute customer satisfaction through our polite and dependable expert restoration professionals.

  • We’re Professional: We work with a team of qualified and licensed tradesmen to ensure your project is handled as seamlessly as possible.
  • We’re Reliable: To give our clients utmost confidence in our services, we operate with $20 million public liability insurance.
  • We’re Accountable: We ensure a certificate of compliance for all plumbing projects, strict compliance with regulations for a safe working environment, and a 10 year warranty on all material and labour.
  • We’re Credible: We have garnered over 40 five-star reviews from our customers, due to our reach, reliability and loyalty within our immediate community.

If you are interested in our one-of-a-kind roof tile restoration services, please get in touch with us today. We will discuss your requirements in detail and formulate the best solution possible.

Why Choose us?

Our focus in on quality, reliability, safety and customer satisfaction. You will find our team of roofing professionals courteous, dependable and approachable.

  • Qualified, licensed and experienced trades
  • $20 Million Public Liability Insurance
  • 40+ Five Star Reviews
  • 100% Customer Satisfication Guarantee
  • We are a trusted and dependable small local business
  • We do it all in house, Roof Tiling, Roof Plumbing and Roof Carpentry
  • Full Warranties on Material and Labour as standard – 10 years
  • Certificate of Compliance available for all Roof Plumbing works
  • We own all our scaffolding – no outsourcing of any work
  • All our worksites comply with strict WorkSafe regulations

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