Roof Restoration Cranbourne

Roof Restoration Cranbourne 2

Roof Restoration Cranbourne

Roof Restoration Cranbourne

Here is a roof restoration Cranbourne painting project we completed a few kilometres outside Cranbourne (Blind Bight) in April 2016. The existing bedding and pointing was in great condition so we only needed to touch it up where required and paint the roof. The colour chosen by the customers was “River Gum”

Roof restorations in Cranbourne are very common due in part to the large volume of older style houses in the area that have been cheaply built.

Here is an overview of what we did on this job;

  • Full site inspection to ascertain what is required
  • Erected compulsory guard rails
  • Completed a full roof inspection
  • Replaced all broken tiles, inspected all flashing and ensured existing pointing was satisfactory
  • Pressure cleaned the roof removing all dirt, moss and lichen build up
  • Taped up all surfaces not to be painted including solar panel and air conditioner units
Roof Restoration Cranbourne 1

Roof Restoration Cranbourne

Roof Restoration Cranbourne

  • Applied a grey undercoat (high build sealer)
  • Applied over 220 litres of paint in a three coat system using Regent Paints
  • Full site clean up

Here is what the customer had to say when we were finished: “Had Adam and Dylan do our roof and what an amazing job they did. These guys were very professional, friendly and very affordable I would highly recommend them to anyone, thanks guys”

Casey Roof Care uses licensed, qualified and insured tradesmen. In addition we only use the best quality materials ensuring you receive a quality roof restoration.

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Before you decide on a roof restoration, please read our blog post about some of the cheap services being offered and why you should re consider selecting the cheapest quote you may receive. At the end of the day you always get what you paid for, and here we applied over 220 litres of paint to ensure the same finish for many years to come.

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