Roof Restoration Berwick

Roof Restoration Berwick 1

Roof Restoration Berwick

Roof Restoration Berwick

Here is a clean roof restoration Berwick we completed on a relatively new home that was less than 15 years old. The main purpose of this restoration was cosmetic rather than to address any underlining roof issues as surprisingly the roof bedding and pointing had help up quite well.

What we undertook included;

  • Fully assessed the area to determine what action was required
  • Addressed exposed valleys by installing 70 lineal meters of valley seal to protect against birds, possums and air escaping through gaps between the valley metal and roof tiles
  • Protected all adjoining areas, masked up gutters/fl;ashings to be painted and protected existing solar panel and air conditioner system
  • Inspected all water courses and existing flashing metals to ensure water tightness
  • Replaced all broken tiles (50+)
  • Pressure cleaned the roof
  • Re pointed damaged areas
  • Applied top quality three coat membrane system (in customers choice “Ghost Gum”)
  • Cleaned all gutters, checked down-pipes, washed down walls, adjoining areas and finally clean up all debris on the ground
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Roof Restoration Berwick

Roof Restoration Berwick

Even though the bedding and pointing had help up quite well over the 15 years period since the house was built, it was still necessary make touch ups where required. It was also necessary to complete this aspect to give the home owner our full 10 year warranty on our materials and labour.

Casey Roof Care regularly works in and around the Berwick area performing a range of roofing services. We use only licensed and insured trade qualified professionals for all our work which is backed by a very good guarantee.

If you have seen the adds for “Cheap Roof Painting” and had been thinking about it, please read our article on the virtues of cheap roof restorations. We also talk about why some homes have their bedding and pointing fail prematurely. Please visit the articles section of the website for more information.

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