Roof Painting Melbourne

Roof Painting Services Melbourne

Roof Painting Services Melbourne

Roof Painting is a great way to improve the visual appearance of your home or building. In some cases it can also increase the longevity of the underlining roof material.

There are many different types of roofs that can be painted; concrete tile roofs, Colorbond roof painting and many different varieties of metal roofs. Some roof types are not applicable to painting such as terracotta, thatched or asbestos roofs.

There are a large variety of roof paints available on the market however Dulux, Regent and Nutech are the most common in Melbourne. The quality and warranty provided by different manufactures vary but the Dulux and Regent products we advocate for are considered the best.

Roof Paints are generally water based and come in a 3 coat (“3 stage membrane”) system. The type of roof you have will determine the product that is used but they all consist of at least an undercoat (sealer/primer) followed by two top coats. There are specialist equipment and skills required to paint a roof which generally pushes the process beyond a handy DIY’er.

Painting a metal or Colorbond roof can in some cases increase the longevity of the roof material especially where the elements, trees or branches have damaged the original roof coating. Whether or not your roof would gain from roof painting greatly depends on the type and condition of your roofing material.

Adam is always available to take your calls and answer any questions you may have about Roof Painting Melbourne. A site visit will be required to determine what we can offer. To arrange someone from Casey Roof Care to inspect your roof and provide a free assessment and quote, please call Adam on 0487472511 or fill out our online inquiry form and we will be in touch soon.

Roof Painting Melbourne

Roof Painting Melbourne

Roof Painting Melbourne

Roof Painting in Melbourne is much like painting anything: It is all in the preparation work. This is particularly true for roofs which get exposed to all the elements and pollution, including moss and lichen.

Special care and knowledge is required when preparing a roof for roof painting Melbourne. The first step we take when working on a roof is to engineer the job to be performed safely. Not only does this protect us from falls it is also a requirement by WorkSafe, and ensures the job runs smoothly.

Once the safety systems are established, we thoroughly inspect the roof to ensure it is sound – this could involve replacing damaged tiles or sheets, replacing flashing, replacing rusty roof screws etc. before we use a pressure washing machine to clean the roof. Once the roof is thoroughly clean, we then tape off and mask all parts of the roof and adjoining areas not to be painted. This is a painstaking task but needs to be completed correctly to avoid over-spraying on cladding, bricks, gutters or other parts of the building not intended on being painted.

If the roof is clean and once everything is taped up, it is time to apply the undercoat. There are certain climatic conditions that must be adhered to when applying roof painting Melbourne. Failure to stick to these guidelines will shorten the lifespan of the product. It is for this reason we will not paint during the cooler months.

Application of the paint is done through an airless sprayer – these vary in quality and cost from a few hundred dollars to many thousands. Just like painting a car, there is a particular well-tuned skill set required to apply roof paint. We at Casey Roof Care use quality built airless sprayers operated by a trade qualified professional with many years experience painting roofs in Melbourne.

Many of you would’ve seen the advertisements for cheap roof painting around Melbourne. Be very wary of such offers, like anything in life you generally get what you pay for. You can read more about this in our articles section of the website. And again, please do not have your roof painted in winter.

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