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Roof Bedding and Pointing Repair

Roof Bedding and Pointing Repair 2

Roof Bedding and Pointing Repair

Roof Bedding and Pointing Repair

We received a call in early 2016 for roof bedding and general repairs to a property in Cranbourne North. We attended the house that same day and provided a quote to replace broken tiles and to re bed and re point the entire roof.

The client had made a significant extension to the dwelling some years ago in addition to adding an air conditioner unit. This had resulted in many trades accessing the roof and in part damaging many tiles, especially on the nose of the tiles. As such this roof had a lot of traffic on it over recent years resulting in approximately 150 tiles being cracked, exceeding our original quoted target by 40 tiles. A few of these tiles were cracked straight down the middle with silicone holding them together – we were simply amazed it had not began to leak.

We informed the client about the discovery of these issues and repaired them as we went. We took photos of the problems, and as they were fairly simple to fix, rectified them free of charge. The extra tiles required were sourced and an additional quantity was left for future repairs, again at no additional cost to the client.

Casey Roof Care performed a full re bed and re point of all ridges and valleys. We disposed of all broken tiles, old grout and cleaned all the gutters as well as box pans. Once completed we provided the client with approximately 10 photos of before and after shots. Since then we have received excellent feedback and referrals from the client.

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Full Roof Restoration, Gutters and Fascia

Full Roof Restoration, Gutters and Fascia

Almost 12 months later to the day the client invited us back to finish what we had started.

We were asked to paint this large roof comprising both tile and Colorbond sections. As expected, our bedding and pointing was still in perfect condition so all that was required here was to inspect the tiles to check for any fresh cracks followed by the Colorbond portion, then begin the pressure washing procedure.

Once the roof was clean and dry, all areas were taped and masked and we began priming. Once the primer had cured when then applied two top coats over two days. The customers choice of colour here was Woodland Grey.

With both sections of roof restored, we began work on the plumbing side of things. All old guttering and down-pipes were removed, main inspected for blockages and a quick site cleanup followed.

All new Colorbond Quad Guttering, Custom Colorbond Fascia Cover and Custom Colorbond Gable flashing were supplied and installed by us.

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We were very happy to see this roof be finished off and both us and the client couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

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