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Repair roof bedding and pointing

February 10, 2016

Any tile or terracotta roof will have issues with bedding and pointing at some time in its life. But why are they becoming more frequent? Should you be concerned with how much to spend on the repair?

Back in the good old days when things were done right, Melbourne roofers would take the time to ensure their work would last. They would use a specific bedding sand, more purpose designed cement together with a rock aggregate. These subtle differences meant that their bedding would last over decades.

At Casey Roof Care, we are visiting homes not even five years old in recent estates with serious bedding issues. Why? Methods have changed to save time and to increase margins. Bedding failures should not be occurring within such a short five year time-frame as we’re seeing instances of today.

The bedding problem of today was accelerated with the invent of pointing compounds in the 90’s. These polymers would sit over the bedding and adhere to the roof tile thereby keeping moisture out and protect the bedding. No longer did bedding have to be engineered to last as it was now protected by the pointing product. A breakthrough in modern construction? Sadly not. While flexible pointing compounds do a great job keeping moisture out of your roof and resist cracking quite well; they are not infallible. If low strength bedding mortar cracks and loses its adhesion to the tiles and ridge caps, it will eventually slip away from the ridge caps, and so to will the flexible pointing. This can lead to birds, possums and water entering your roof.

So how do you fix it? I can only speak of what we do at Casey Roof Care to ensure our bedding and pointing services stand the test of time. First and foremost we use a different combination of sand and cement similar to what they used 50 years ago. Secondly we use a special aggregate throughout our bedding mix. And finally, we always add a plasticiser. The combination of these changes results in a much stronger bedding compound that firmly bonds to the roof tiles and ridge caps. To finish it off we use a cyclone rated top of the range pointing compound.

The added materials we use in our bedding does not increase the cost of our repairs. More important than the outlay to have your bedding and pointing repaired is selecting the right person for the job. Look for someone who shows genuine passion and interest about their work. Do some research on your tradie, if you feel skeptical chances are you’re right. Ask what products and ratios they use when making their bedding formula. If anyone says “about five parts sand and one part cement” just walk away and save your money, otherwise chances are you might be looking for another tradie to repair it again in five years time.

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