How much should a roof restoration cost?

May 26, 2016

This is a common question we are asked all the time; How much should I expect to pay to have my roof restored or repaired? Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this as there are many variables in the cost of any roof restoration and repair. This is because every roof is different as too are the requirements of the roof and its owner’s needs. What type of roof are we restoring? Tile, Terracotta, Commerical or Colorbond and Metal?

A roof restoration typically has two components:

  • Necessary repairs (replacing broken tiles, Re Bedding and Re Pointing the roof, replacing rusted valley irons and damaged flashings, replacing rotten scotia/fascia, replacing damaged roof screws, replacing damaged roof sheets and Gutter Replacement.
  • Roof Treatment and Painting (Roof Cleaning, roof anti fungicide treatment and Roof Painting).

Clearly there are many different elements that we need to consider in setting a roof restoration cost. Other factors that we would need to be considered include; the size of the roof, type and condition of the existing tiles, access and pitch/slope, complexity of the roof and whether it is single or a double story house.

Once we have determined what work needs to be performed, the next and most important aspect is QUALITY. For argument’s sake, let’s take washing machines as an example – you can pick up a new unit from as little as $400 where as a Miele unit is about $3,500. There is a massive variance in price as it all boils down to quality. The same can be said for roof restorations, it not just about how much it costs but what you are receiving for your money.
There is some talk online about how much one person paid for a roof restoration vs another and what is a fair price. However few discuss the important specifics about what it is they actually receive for the money they pay. There it seems few people understand all the little elements involved in a roof restoration cost, never mind the variance in quality and materials they can receive. This is one of the reasons why we have started these series of articles; to better inform the public about what is involved in the process of a roof restoration and to hopefully make it feel more transparent. At the end of the day, your roof is the most fundamentally important aspect of your home and owners should be aware of what they are paying for.

What is rebedding and repointing a roof? What is flexible pointing? What variance can I receive in quality regarding these aspects of my roof restoration? In short, it can be the difference between lasting 5 or 20+ years – just like a washing machine. A question you could ask is “what materials do you use in your bedding and pointing?” The articles we have created should help you out.

Now comes paint. Painting a roof is just like painting any surface, it’s all in the preparation and product that determines the quality. You could apply standard exterior paint to any roof and it would look great initially. You pay your money and thank the guy for a job well done. Six months later it starts to fade, peel or both. You call the mobile number you got from Gumtree to find it’s no longer in service….

The most expensive component to any roof restoration cost is paint in regards to both quality and volume. Older style and particularly porous roof tiles require a lot of high build sealer/primer with a minimum of two thick top coats. Without experience or physically watching the guys work, you’ll never know to what standard the paint has been applied. And let’s not forget these roof paints are water-based and it is common practice for no-name operations to water down their paint to stretch it out.

All I can stand for is what we do at Casey Roof Care. We use our own bedding formula that lasts, top of the range paints, applied by trade qualified professionals and backed by a 10 year warranty on materials and workmanship. What we do not do is compete on price for people looking for a quick cheap solution to flip a house – there are plenty of contractors out there to assist with that.

If you care about quality like we do, call Casey Roof Care for an informal chat today on 0487 472 511 or (03) 9028 8795



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