Gutter Repair vs Replacing Your Gutters

March 28, 2016

We come across customers asking us all the time “Can I have my gutters repaired?” Generally the answer is yes, but you need to decide if the benefit outweighs the cost and we find most people simply go for the gutter replacement option.

gutter replacement

Gutters or spouts, like any material, deteriorate over time. They rust from the inside out, particularly around the corners or where water accumulates due to lack of fall in the gutter system directing the water towards the down pipes. Where you have a guttering system without adequate fall, leaving water to sit over extended periods of time, they will rust out much faster. Where the gutters have been cut and joined in a corner, we tend to see them failing here first. If you can visibly see water seeping from your corner joints, it can indicate you will need you gutters repaired or replaced. If you do not address the issue of leaking gutters, over time you will develop rot in your fascia and sofit.

The process of repairing gutters is a fairly straight forward process. Either you can cut out and replace the effected sections/corners, or you can treat and address the issue from within the gutter. The later option could involve applying anti-oxide paint, a false or replacement gutter floor together with bituminous paint. Will this solution last? Absolutely not, but if you are looking for a quick and cheap short-term solution this may suit you.

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The other option is full or partial gutter replacement. When you have the two options of gutter repair vs gutter replacement the cost benefit analysis leads most of our customers towards gutter replacement. You are guaranteed that newly installed gutters will not fail. They will be installed by a licensed plumber who will address any fall issues. Where you have inadequate down pipe capacity due to a new renovation or add on, those issues will be addressed as well. We give our customers the opportunity to paint and replace rotten fascia board, or we do that for them too. Having freshly painted fascia together with new guttering not only increases the value of your home, it gives you peace of mind.

The cost of replacing an entire guttering and down pipe system generally surprises many people as it is no where near as expensive as many think. Contrast this to gutter repair where you forgo the piece of mind that comes with new guttering in knowing it is generally a band aid approach. We find most of our customers prefer to have their gutters replaced with the added value this brings to your home.

Casey Roof Care can supply, install and if you request repair your gutters. We also cater for full fascia and gutter replacement together with cladding and eve/sofit maintenance or replacement. Contact us for an obligation free quote# today.



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