Gutter and Fascia Replacement

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Gutter and Fascia Replacement

Gutter and Fascia Replacement

Can you see signs of fascia rot around the corners of your building? Have the gutters failed? Or are you looking to update the appearance of your home? When it comes time for guttering replacement, it’s best to address it all at once. Why? To repair the fascia or to install Colorbond fascia cover the guttering needs to be removed. It is often not practicable or cost-effective to re-install the old gutters so its best done at the same time.

Depending on the level of rot will determine how much fascia board we need to replace. Whether a section runs up a gable will also determine how much we need to replace. Rot extending out from the corners is the most common problem we encounter due to the gutter corners (or cast angles) failing with water constantly dripping down the fascia board. On some jobs (like the Classic Cream photos below) we replaced over 40 lineal meters of fascia board. Replacing this much fascia board, particularity on a two story home, gutter and fascia replacement is no easy task.

Contact us today for all your gutter and fascia replacement requirements. Please note, for practicality reasons, we only offer timber fascia repairs as part of an overall guttering or roofing service – not by itself

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Fascia Board and Fascia Cover

Fascia Board and Fascia Cover

Once the fascia board has been replaced, we can then wrap it up in Colorbond Fascia Cover. It is not advisable to simply wrap (and hide) rotten fascia board with fascia cover. Colorbond Fascia Cover significantly improves the appearance of your building around the eves and pairs very well with Colorbond Quad guttering. There are a few different forms of fascia cover designed to pair with different guttering profiles. All fascia covers are available in the standard Colorbond colour range and, unlike fascia board replacement, are a cost effective addition when having your guttering replaced.

The photos below highlight different gutter and fascia replacement including some products from the Lysaght range “Sheerline” and “Novaline” as well as the “Colorbond Fascia Cover” and “Colorbond Quad” guttering range.

To find out more simply contact Adam either directly on 0487472511 or please use the “Request a Quote” button bottom right. All of our advice is informal and free, we do not charge for our quotes.

Kindly note we do not do call outs to just only replace timber fascia board. Thanks

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Gutters and Fascia