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Colorbond & Metal Roof Cleaning

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Colorbond and Metal Roof Cleaning

Colorbond and Metal Roof Cleaning

Colorbond Roof Cleaning is the single most cost effective way to restore some of the former glory to your Colorbond or metal roof. The process not only removes all traces of dirt, moss, lichen and other pollutants, it can also delay the premature aging of the roof metal by having these removed.

Why you should consider us for your Colorbond and Metal Roof Cleaning;
* Tradesmen, not cowboys, perform the work
* We will protect your assets from the mess coming off the roof
* Full clean up is guaranteed
* Proper measures are taken to ensure the safety of our staff on your roof
* We are highly experienced and know what works
* $20m public liability insurance

While we are on your roof performing the work, we will assess and identify any issues we find. This could be something simple as trees and branches rubbing against the roof metal or something more serious such as signs of corrosion – where possible we will address the issues immediately without any additional cost to you.

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How we clean your Colorbond roof

How we clean your Colorbond roof

Colorbond Roof Cleaning is completed with the use of high pressure roof cleaning machines with ‘turbo’ heads. Care must be taken to select the pressure/machine for the job as the wrong pressure can do more harm than good.

Care must also be taken during the cleaning process not to force high pressure water up under flashing’s or into voids, through cladding or into air conditioner/heating units. It is also highly dangerous work pressure cleaning a roof, especially if its a pitched roof. This is another reason why the work should be completed by experienced professionals, not DIY handymen.

Does roof cleaning create a mess? Yes, it can be quite bad. This is why we plan ahead and protect your assets with the use of drop sheets or traps. Once we have finished we will give all adjoining walls and buildings a quick wash down in low pressure which always leaves the buildings looking cleaner than before.

For more information or to arrange an obligation free quote on our roof cleaning or Colorbond roof painting services, contact Adam today on either (03) 9028 8795 or 0487472511. Alternatively you can complete an online inquiry form and we will be in touch shortly.

Why Choose us?

Our focus in on quality, reliability, safety and customer satisfaction. You will find our team of roofing professionals courteous, dependable and approachable.

  • Qualified, licensed and experienced trades
  • $20 Million Public Liability Insurance
  • 40+ Five Star Reviews
  • 100% Customer Satisfication Guarantee
  • We are a trusted and dependable small local business
  • We do it all in house, Roof Tiling, Roof Plumbing and Roof Carpentry
  • Full Warranties on Material and Labour as standard – 10 years
  • Certificate of Compliance available for all Roof Plumbing works
  • We own all our scaffolding – no outsourcing of any work
  • All our worksites comply with strict WorkSafe regulations