Cheap offers for roof work on your home – Save your money!

January 13, 2016

Driving around town we’ve all seen the signs for cheap roof sealing. $1000 or $1500, sounds too cheap to be true right? Spot on it is, let me explain why.

The process of sealing a roof very similar to painting any surface whether that be a car, walls in your home or a timber fence. It is all about preparation. The surface must be clean of dirt, grease or other pollutants and primed accordingly. This is especially the case when it comes to roofs; they contain all kinds of pollutants including moss, lichen and dirt just to name a few. Every coat is dependent on the other – the anti bacterial fungal/algal wash sterilizing sealer/primer requires a surface free from all those pollutants as does the following coats.

Every roof sealing or restoration job will require pressure washing the roof, which almost everyone does. You would like to think that they take their time and do it properly and apply an un-watered down sealer/primer coat to manufactures specifications, right? I’ll let you be the judge of what most these backyard guys do…

Then there are the top coats themselves. There are a range of manufactures some known others not so much. As with manufactures of most products, quality will vary. The top coat is going onto a Melbourne roof that as we know experiences severe highs and lows in terms of weather exposure. Therefore it must be of a high standard designed by a well-known manufacturer who has specifically designed it for Australian applications so it can withstand the elements and retain its finish. The absolute minimum in any application is two coats, but if the product is sub-par then it doesn’t really matter how many coats are applied as it will fade and peel quicker than you would expect.

There are many products which come straight out of China. They are not designed for Australian conditions but are cheap, very cheap. What is worse is that almost all of these products are water based. What are the chances of these no name, no business backyard guys watering down the product to stretch it out….?

We’ve all done our fair share of painting before right? How does it compare to that of a professional painter we’ve employed, particularly when it comes to cutting in not to mention coverage, speed and efficiency. And that was with a brush. Professional roof membranes come as a water based product applied via an airless sprayer. These sprayers vary in cost from a few hundred dollars to many thousands. They require constant maintenance to maintain performance and deliver a consistent even finish over layers.
Casey Roof Care uses new top the the range Graco airless sprayers which are thoroughly maintained. Most importantly the gentleman using the sprayer is a trade qualified professional who has been using these systems on Australian roofs for a long time. We pride ourselves on quality and rely on your satisfaction not just tomorrow when the roof looks good but in the years that follow. You can find us in the Yellow Pages, online, call us anytime or visit us in person. All our work is guaranteed and the product we use comes with an industry leading 10 year warranty.

Now we’ve covered the basics of preparation, product and application let’s move onto a more serious issue, safety. Work Safe Victoria requires hand rails to be installed on any roof where there is a risk of falling 1.5 meters or more. Where it is not practicable for hand rails to be installed sufficient fall arrest systems must be deployed consisting of anchors into the roof trusses, life lines, rope grabs, lanyards and harnesses. Do these guys offering cheap roof painting use hand rails? No, it cost too much money. Do these guys use fall arrest systems, generally not.

Every tradesman that perform works on your home must be insured. If someone falls through your roof will they have adequate insurance to cover their personal injury and your property damage? Hmm.. Is he a qualified tradesman? Ahh.. Are you going to be personally liable if they suffer injury performing work on your roof? You shouldn’t have to be thinking about these things.

While the offer of cheap roof sealing is appealing on price, there are too many headaches involving safely and quality that will outweigh the short term benefit. Sure it is going to look good right after it’s been painted. But what happens in a year when moss and lichen start regrowing? How are you going to feel when the product starts to fade prematurely or even begins peeling just weeks later? Ripped off maybe? Let’s try not to think about the worse case scenario that this person actually hurts themselves or damages your property during the process.

Casey Roof Care is not the cheapest but we are the best and the safest. Have a look at some of these roof restorations gone wrong and ask yourself do you want your roof to look like this in a few years time? You can view our portfolio of work anytime, contact us or have us visit you at home to discuss our range of roof painting and restoration services.



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    I live in Hampton Park but need help with roof tiles of my house could be cracked, had a leak last night with all this heavy rain. if theres a chance of a check and a free quote and have it done will be much appreciated. I can be contact on 042229673. Your assistance in this matter is very much appreciated.

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