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How much should a roof restoration cost?

This is a common question we are asked all the time; How much should I expect to pay to have my roof restored or repaired? Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this as there are many variables in the cost of any roof restoration and repair. This is because…

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Gutter Repair vs Replacing Your Gutters

We come across customers asking us all the time “Can I have my gutters repaired?” Generally the answer is yes, but you need to decide if the benefit outweighs the cost and we find most people simply go for the gutter replacement option. Gutters or spouts, like any material, deteriorate…

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What is roof pointing?

Flexible pointing, or “flexi point’, is a water based polymer compound that adheres to roofing tiles and ridge caps on tile roofs in Australia. It seals the ridge cap to the standard tile or gable end. It’s main purpose is to keep moisture out thereby protecting the roofing system and…

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Repair roof bedding and pointing

Any tile or terracotta roof will have issues with bedding and pointing at some time in its life. But why are they becoming more frequent? Should you be concerned with how much to spend on the repair? Back in the good old days when things were done right, Melbourne roofers…

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Should I paint my terracotta roof?

This is a questions we are asked all the time, “Should I paint or seal my terracotta roof?” To put bluntly we think it’s a bad idea, but this all depends on who you talk to. Over the years Terracotta tiles, like any roof, collect a build up of dirt, pollution,…

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Made changes to your roof? Solar Panels? Aircon units? Read on…

As Melbourne houses become more modern and energy efficient, there are many home owners adding solar panels, sky lights and air conditioner units to their roofs. This is a great idea to improve not only your standard of living but to reduce the impact on the environment and improve the…

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Cheap offers for roof work on your home – Save your money!

Driving around town we’ve all seen the signs for cheap roof painting. $1000 or $1500, sounds too cheap to be true right? Spot on it is, let me explain why. The process of painting a roof very similar to painting any surface whether that be a car, walls in your…

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Summer is a great time to have a roof restoration

Melbourne is having a great summer with plenty more perfect looking weather in the days to come. Why not take this opportunity to speak to roof repair contractors such as us? Have you been thinking about a roof restoration? Do you have issues with your roof bedding and pointing? Need…

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