Tile to Colorbond Conversions

Tile to Colorbond Conversions

There is only so much maintenance that can be provided to old tiled roofs before the tiles need to be replaced. Unlike terracotta roof tiles, exposed concrete always breaks down. How much so depends on the original quality of materials used to create the concrete tiles, age, historical maintenance (protective coatings) and exposure to the elements. In some cases a tile to Colorbond Conversions is the most practicable long term option.
Post WWII there were a shortage of raw materials to make concrete roofing tiles properly. This led to poor standards of roofing tiles being produced as the ingredients being used was basically all we had on hand. During this time a common mould for roofing tiles was created called a ‘standard’. These tiles were very common on buildings circa 1940 onward to about 1960. Now days these tiles are so pitted and brittle the roofs are generally beyond maintenance, from a practical sense. It is also rather difficult to walk on these roofs without breaking every tile you stand on.
Another concern with roof tiles on old homes is the “wave effect”. This is the effect of having many many tones of concrete tiles sitting on the roof for 70 years or more. Even though most roofing timbers were hardwood, nothing can stop the house moving or sinking with 10 tones or more over many decades. The end result is that the roof looks somewhat wavy with peaks and troughs (and nothing is square)

How we convert a tiled roof to Colorbond

Once we’ve done all our safety stuff and removed the old roof tiles, we need to secure the rafters properly. With all those tons of concrete tiles keeping the roof down, we need to ensure that our new Colorbond roof will not simply lift off in high wind. To do this we secure the rafters to the top plates of your stud walls using truss fix brackets or similar. We also secure the rafters at the ridge in the same way.
Now that the rafters are secure we can look into removing the wavy effect. We simply run string lines both vertically and horizontally along the roof surface and pack out the rafters using structural pine (MGP10). Once that is complete we began running metal batten before laying sarking followed by your new Colorbond roof metal.
On this project in the bayside suburbs we also installed new Colorbond Quad guttering and Colorbond fascia cover, all new barge board and fascia board, new chimney flashing’s and down-pipes. A job this size will generally take us seven full days, weather permitting.
At the end you will receive a warranty on all materials and labour together with our 100% customer satisfaction promise. Tile to Colorbond Conversions are not an easy job nor is it tidy during the construction process, however if you want the job done right talk to us
  • Tile to Colorbond Conversions

    Rachel and Simon

    My partner and I are extremely happy with our new roof and the professionalism and workmanship of Casey Roof Care. I definitely would recommend them.

    Our original roof was very old. The house was built in the 1930s so our old concrete tiles and guttering were certainly at the end of their life. Our old roof had no insulation, often leaked and I dreaded every time it rained!

    From the moment we spoke to Adam over the phone, we knew finally that we had made contact with a skilled contractor. He genuinely listened to our issues, offered advice and options, and organised to meet us on site. It was nice to finally meet a roofing contractor that had experience, particularly with complex jobs, such as ours.

    Their quote was thorough, competitive and value for money. All details were explained to us with no surprises along the way. Adam helped us to choose the best materials for the job and options to achieve what we wanted. This was a pleasant change as other roofing companies had really given us the run around – some didn’t bother to return our calls, had little idea about the pros and cons of different materials, or were only able to do part of the job required.

    Once the work started on site, both Adam and Dylan organised everything, it was seamless. Any problem that our old roof presented was overcome with clever and quick problem solving by the two of them. The whole team got the job done in good time and they left the site in excellent condition. They were friendly, honest, hardworking and nothing was too much for them.

    We’ve had numerous compliments from neighbours on our new roof now and the extra insulation is already keeping our house at a more comfortable temperature. An added bonus – we live on a busy road and the insulation also reduces the noise into the house!

    The last time it rained, we enjoyed the experience, no longer worried about leaks and overflowing gutters – it was such a relief.

    I just wish we’d found Casey Roof Care earlier, rather than wasting time on other contractors.

    I highly recommend Casey Roof Care – 5 stars for a quality job that exceeded our expectations, and with great customer service along the way.

  • Tile to Colorbond Conversions

    Kerry and Paul

    Several years ago, our family moved into our house in Berwick (which was four years old at the time). The whole time we had experienced issues with poor quality brittle tiles which constantly allowed water into the ceiling. Fast forward to a month ago and we decided enough is enough – the roof must go.
    We have always wanted a Colorbond roof so we set about finding a company with a good reputation and proven experience in this field. My wife and I must have researched at least a dozen different companies on the Internet. In the end we chose Casey Roof Care as they have demonstrated experience in this conversion work, they are local to where we live. Being a small team we knew they would care and reputation would be important.
    Adam provided a very reasonable quote to replace the roof, guttering and down pipes with Colorbond. Adam proved to be very knowledgable in providing advice and information on how the process worked. We knew we had found the man for the job.
    The work took Adams team about 2.5 weeks to complete. The process was completely stress free from our point of view. The first step involves erecting scaffolding around the house and removing the existing gutters and down pipes (we decided to do this as the originals were too worn and would not match). Adams team then replace the roof in sections by removing tiles, install reinforcing metal batons (required for these conversions), insulation and finally the Colorbond roof. In the event any roof is exposed to the elements overnight, a tarpaulin is used to ensure no water gets in. As each bin is filled with the tiles they are removed from the site.
    Under the Colorbond roofing, Adams team installed CSR 60mm Anticon insulation (including an outer foil layer to prevent condensation). The product does a great job at keeping the heat in (we noticed the difference immediately) but it also cuts down some of the outside noise.
    The job obviously creates a mess around the property – that’s the nature of this type of work. I must say Adams team did a great job not only of completely cleaning up afterwards, they also run a metal detector over the lawn for extra piece of mind. We have never found even a single scenic of debris around the property.
    At the end of the job it was clear how much pride Adam had in the work his team completed. What really strikes you about Adam is his honesty and genuine interest in putting his customers first. He always made himself available to answer questions during the quotation process and even visited the house multiple times to discuss the work in person. An added bonus was Adam advising us on unrelated issues including the insufficient ceiling insulation that was pre-existing in the roof.
    Overall Casey Roof Care performed a very professional job at a competitive price using only quality products. We strongly recommend them as a trustworthy company to engage. This has been one of the best experiences we have had with any trades people and we get to reap the benefits for years to come. We love the work they have done – it looks great and we LOVE the sound the rain makes too :>).
    Kerry and Paul

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