Roof Restoration Melbourne

Roof Restoration Melbourne

If you are reading this page, chances are you are either worried about the integrity of your roof, it’s appearance or a combination of both. Every roof restoration service we provide is different. Some jobs are quick and simple while others can be more complex. At Casey Roof Care we offer a range of terracotta tile and concrete tile roof restoration services in Melbourne to meet your individual needs and requirements. We guarantee all our work to ensure you can sleep easy at night knowing the roof over your head is sound and looks great for years to come.

We will come out to inspect your roof and provide an obligation free quote. Where possible we will detail the options we think are best depending on your budget and the condition of your roof.

Our Melbourne roof restoration services include; Terracotta and Tile Roof Restorations Melbourne, Colorbond Roof Restorations and Commercial Roof Restorations (Painting and General Maintenance)

The most common need for a tile roof restoration are issues with bedding and pointing. These problems are very common on all tile roofs in Melbourne. We are visiting new estates with homes less than five years old that have bedding and pointing failures. We have explored the reasons for why this occurs and what we at Casey Roof Care do differently to ensure our clients enjoy roof repairs that last. For more information on this please visit the articles section of our website.

Roof Painting is commonly associated with a roof restoration service in Melbourne. This added and sometimes expensive procedure will not necessarily increase the life expectancy of your roofing system, it will however make it much more aesthetically pleasing. Some contractors promote Terracotta Roof Painting – we strictly do not. You can find out more about why we do not paint terracotta roofs again in the articles section of the website.

We have extensive knowledge and experience as a team performing all types of roof restorations. You can find out more in our projects section or by reading reviews customers have left for us. When we have time we publish some of our completed jobs on our Facebook page, so you might be interested in checking that out too. We promise you will find our tradesmen professional and approachable. We provide a holistic service from start to finish so you feel comfortable knowing what you are receiving and who you’re receiving it from; Professional, Local, Dependable

We are available to discuss your requirements and to provide a obligation free roof restoration quote in Melbourne. The best way to get in contact with us is to call Adam directly on (03) 9028 8795 or 0487 472 511. Alternatively you can complete our customer inquiry form and we will be in touch shortly.

Tile Roof Restoration Melbourne

Common questions we are asked included; What is included in a typical tile roof restoration quote in Melbourne and how much does a roof restoration cost?

This will greatly depend on the type and condition of your roof. The first thing we need to determine is what components of the roof need to be restored. What type of roof tile do you have? If it is a ‘standard’ from post WWII era being very brittle and pitted, then your options are limited. What condition is the bedding and pointing in – this is the single most common repair we carry out on any tiled roof restoration in Melbourne. It also makes up a significant portion of any quote due to the time it takes to perform the work. The next aspect we explore is the condition of the metal on your roof; valley irons, flashing around chimney’s and other roof penetrations. Every roof is different and there is no one-size-fits-all in any roof restoration service.

What condition are your roof trusses in? Are the battens rotten, sagging? Can you see ‘waves’ in your roof? These are issues you may wish to explore before looking for a tile roof restoration service as they can indicate deeper issues that may need to be addressed. We can assist here too.

The final aspect to consider is if you want your concrete tile or Colorbond roof painted. This will not necessary improve the longevity of your roofing material (depends on many factors), however it will increase the visual appeal (and market value) of your home.

If you ask us to perform a roof restoration service, the first step for us is to install hand safely rail or our quick-stage scaffolding around the perimeter of the roof (or as required). This not only protects us from falling off your roof, it is also a legal requirement. If a roofing contractor you know is not installing scaffolding, ask yourself why?

We then inspect all water courses and flashing to ensure the roof is water tight. We then blast the roof tiles with high pressure water to remove all pollution, moss and lichen. All damaged flashing and valley metals are replaced together with all the bedding and pointing along hips, ridges, valley’s and gable ends. Once the roof is clean again, it can then be painted.

How much a tile roof restoration Melbourne costs and how long it takes varies greatly depending on the size, complexity, access, type and location of your roof. For more information about our roofing services, please call Adam on 0487472511 or submit an online inquiry form and we will be in touch soon.

  • Terracotta Roof Restoration & Gutter Replacement

    Kathy (Yellow Pages)

    I am in Blackburn and am absolutely delighted with the results of the effort Casey Roof Care put into our roof. They cleaned and restored our terracotta roof and replaced rusting guttering over 5 days, cleaning up after themselves every day and leaving our yard as they found it when they left. The roof now looks brand new. Their professional attitude, competitive rates, excellent workmanship, outstanding communication skills and general friendliness make them a team I would recommend without a second thought. Thank you again.

  • Roof Restoration

    Isabel & Mark (TrueLocal)

    You will not find a company as genuine, warm, knowledgable and professional as Adam and Dylan from Casey Roof Care!! After numerous intial quotes (including a company who simply drove past and didn’t even bother to talk to us face to face before rejecting the job via text message ,despite leaving us waiting 45minutes for him to show up) Adam and Dylan, not only reassured us with their exceptional customer service skills, but met us multiple times to discuss our options before we made a decsion to go with them. Taking into consideration the complexity of the job, they still came in well under what other company’s had quoted us (and they also included options that the other company’s did not offer in their quotes) The guys really rose to the challenge doing this job, despite all the obstacles they overcame, we are absolutely thrilled with the quality of the finished job. Before even completing the job, our neighbours also asked for them to quote for their house too, proof that their work is exceptional before its even completely done!! We would not hesitate to reccomend Casey Roof Care to anyone.. whether the job is big or small. Thanks very much Adam & Dylan

  • Roof Restoration

    Ken (Google)

    I just had my leaky tile roof fixed and restored by Casey Roof Care. Their standard of workmanship and attention to detail is outstanding. Every fault and issue were quickly found and fixed in a thorough and professional manner. Am very happy with the outcome and have no hesitation recommending them to anyone. Well worth the money!!

  • Roof Restoration

    Linda (Google)

    Want to say these guys are professional, friendly and very affordable. They did an amazing job of our roof and would highly reccommend them to anyone. Thanks Adam and Dylan you guys were awsome

  • Terracotta Roof Restoration

    Sejin (True Local)

    We just had our terracotta roof restored by Casey Roof Care. We received several quotes from different companies but thought Adam and Dillon were most reasonable. It wasn’t the cheapest quote but I believe its reflection of their quality of work and the products they use (which is explained in detail on their website). They were very professional and friendly and done a thorough assessment of the roof before providing us the quote. They worked very hard for four days and finished within the agreed time frame and the end result is just amazing. Very happy with the work they have done and I would highly recommend Casey Roof Care.

  • Roof Restoration

    Lucy R (True Local)

    I had a roof repair done with Dylan and Adam recently and from the minute I first spoke to Adam he made me feel so at ease. He’s very knowledgeable, informative and happy to be flexible with his services around what you want and need. The price will be more expensive than some other quotes you may get, but you’ll soon realise that it’s an accurate reflection of the work that the lads actually do, and the quality of the products that they use, not to mention the time they’ll spend doing the work and making sure it’s perfect. Dylan is the other half of the business, and a great tradesman. Both blokes are really lovely, and 100% honest and hardworking tradies. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

  • Roof Restoration

    Roz2121 (True Local)

    1st thing that impressed me about Adam and Dillon, was they listened to my requirements, they knew their job, knew what they where talking about and were honest, and didn’t try and up-sell me anything. I found them to be very professional, personable,reliable, enthusiastic, they showed pride in their work and showed respect for my home. they talked me through the whole process and discussed with me unexpected issues they came across whilst on the job. I would have no problems recommending Adam and Dillon to any one in fact i have already been spending the word, and i would have no problem hiring them again.

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Our focus in on quality, reliability, safety and customer satisfaction. You will find our team of roofing professionals courteous, dependable and approachable.

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