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Emergency roof repair

Emergency roof repair 1

Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency Roof Repair

If you are unlucky enough to find your roof leaking, simply give us a call. The quicker you do the better. This is to avoid any additional complications with your drywall, timber, insulation or electrical wiring.

It could be something very simple such as a cracked tile which is easy to fix. Or it could be an indication that there are more serious underlining issues with you roof.

Casey Roof Care will provide you with an assessment of your roof and where possible detail a list of solutions to deal with the issue in line with your budget.

We will repair your roof at the shortest of notices.

Emergency roof repair 2

Leaks can indicate deeper roof issues

Leaks can indicate deeper roof issues

Once you have identified and repaired a leak, it would be wise to have an inspection of your roof completed. Maybe someone inexperienced was recently walking on your roof and damaged a whole serious of tiles unbeknownst to them? Maybe another contractor was on your roof installing a skylight or solar panels?

Casey Roof Care will perform an inspection of your roof while fixing the leak. This is the only way to know of any issues you may have that could lead to your roof leaking again.